Published Work

And this, dear editors, is my reaction each time I receive an acceptance... Pant-Wetting ecstasy!

And this, dear editors, is my reaction each time I receive an acceptance… Pant-Wetting ecstasy!



Big Society Big Success                  Here Comes Everyone (Riots Issue)

Uniforms                                       Kumquat Poetry

The Other Dress                            Kumquat Poetry

Shoes                                           Kumquat Poetry

Frocks                                          Kumquat Poetry

Underpants                                   The Crane Papers

Bra                                              The Crane Papers

Red and Green (scroll to page 13)   Here Comes Everyone (Colours Issue)

In Tranquility                                 Kumquat poetry

Brown Velvet Suit                           Ink Sweat and Tears


The Dress (scroll to page 37)         Here Comes Everyone (Colours Issue)



Talkin Tarn: Futures – ISBN 978-1-908136-02-2 –

Stalwart: Futures – ISBN 978-1-908136-02-2 –

Snow Angels: Hearing Voices 2 – ISBN 9551800-5-8 –

Twinset: Hearing Voices 5 – ISBN 978-0-9570501-4-3 –


LeftLion, Nottingham:

Nottingham Festival of Words 2013: 1

Nottingham Festival of Words 2013: 2

Nottingham Festival of Words 2013: 3

Interview with the poet John Gallas


Poetry Collection Dress Code Shortlisted for The Stinging Fly Magazine 2012

Short Story Bender Longlisted for Fish Short Story Prize 2012

Short Story The Stealing Shortlisted for Prism International Short Story Prize 2013

Poem Looking Through Photographs Longlisted for Fish Poetry Prize 2013


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