February 5th 2011


I love this city…

Left the windy hill at 8.30am Friday and arrived in Antwerp at about 4pm. Checked in to the beautiful T’Sandt, a little treasure in a jewelled city. Managed to get a couple of hours shopping in before closing and bought some wonderful work samples from the gorgeous Kids on the Dock, even though the shop assistants were very grumpy and just wanted to go home. My room is pretty… and spacious…

We had a heavenly meal at one of our favourite restaurants Der Kleine Zavel. I had scallops to start on a pea and cauliflower puree, Lamb cooked four ways for my entree- a casserole, a baby boned lamb shank, liver and medallions in a rich gravy, or jus if you wish me to be less prosaic, with spinach- yum yum yum, and we shared cheese for dessert. All washed down with an excellent bordeaux. Delicious.



Found a window full of Barbie…

There were hundreds of her all lined up waiting for something amazing to happen. I could sense her communal expectation- all dressed to kill with nowhere to go.

Saturday- windy wild and wet. Undeterred by the elements we soldiered on- lots more shopping- found some treasures for myself too- a lovely soft, soft tan leather jacket that will be perfect for spring days worn with vintage prints or lots of white. It has huge covered leather buttons and reminds me of a jacket my Ma had when I was a little girl. I can vividly recall the feel of it as I reached up and held onto her arm. It has a half belt at the back just like Ma’s too. She actually gave hers to me when I was a teenage fashion junkie and I promptly lost it on some drunken night out- left it on the parcel shelf of a minicab. Now I finally have a replacement, my 33 year search satisfactorily brought to a conclusion. Also acquired a pair of kingfisher blue suede ankle boots with gold laces that will match nothing but therefore go with anything and an ankle length midnight frock which I wore out this evening. Fab Salad Nicoise for lunch with caper berries- I’d never tried them before. delish!

Back to hotel where we photographed all our purchases- work ones, not my own- they covered my bed… twice over. Lots of lovely inspiration and ideas for everyone back in the office.

Off out again for another splendid evening at a super glam restaurant/bar called Lux in old 19th century shipping offices near the docks. Wonderful food- Lobster croquettes- and a bar that permitted smoking… I thought I’d fucking died and gone to heaven! Much vino and several baileys later we staggered into a taxi. Slept like the proverbial…

Off to Paris Sunday morning… Times like this I love my job.


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