January 8th 2011

January 8th 2011

Busy, busy today. Lots of spring cleaning- multiple dust motes illuminated in the winter sun spurring me on to improving my slovenly habits. This writing malarky so takes over it’s easy to ignore real life and it’s multifarious demands. Thus I undertook some responsible adult-like chores such as washing, (clothes that is, I always wash myself I hasten to add, standards haven’t slipped quite that far yet,) food shopping, children’s shoe shopping (usually a dreadful bore, but all went swimmingly today,) and hairdressing, in a vague attempt at halting the children’s ever more feral and wraith-like appearance. Also went on extra long dog walk, hopefully curtailing the onset of canine obesity and increasing bad habits such as bin-raiding and cushion-chewing, both of which make me very cross… yes Bruce and Otto… you know I’m talking about you…

The walk in the woods in the crisp winter sunshine, clear blue skies overhead, had the added benefit of lifting my mood somewhat which was altogether welcome. I felt inspired enough to compose a haiku as I tramped through the squidgy mud in my wellies. I do worry for all the tiny bracken furls, woodbine shoots and rhodedendron buds popping out everywhere with their carpe diem attitude, admirable as it is. I hope they aren’t caught unawares by another bout of inclement weather as I somehow feel winter isn’t over yet.

The reward for our dutiful dilegence was a trip out for supper and a film. Pasta at Zizzi’s was surprisingly pleasant and prompt, and very smiley service, but not quite prompt enough for us to make ‘The King’s Speech’ which I really wanted to see. We did however make ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’ which the children really wanted to see and it was actually very enjoyable. It brought a tear to my eye… but what doesn’t these days? I can’t even watch an advert without reaching for a tissue. Particularly the wonderful TMobile dancing in Liverpool Street Station…


So, that’s it for tonight, but it is 3am… I can’t seem to get myself to bed at a decent hour for love nor money these days, mind you, having said that, I’d actually jump at the chance of an early night if offered very small amounts of either, January being a such a very chaste and impecunious month.



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