January 14th 2011

January 14th 2011

Oh I had a lovely day today. Off to London early and Market Harborough Station was unusually quiet so I parked up painlessly, hopped on my train and arrived in the city in just over an hour. I had a meeting first thing which I had been dreading for an age and procrastinating for even longer but which went surprisingly brilliantly, so all boded well and from then on it just got better and better.


First stop The V&A for the Shadow Catchers Exhibition.


I had visited this exhibition before Christmas but did not have as much time as I would have wished or to do it justice and I really wanted to re-visit. I really found every piece moving, beautiful, magical. It was one of the most wonderful exhibitions I have ever been to. For me, the fact that they are photographs, even though they are camaraless, made them more immediate, captured something in a way I felt a painting, drawing or sculpture could not have. I also like the serendipitous nature of chance having it’s hand in everything. Amazing. Profoundly affecting. Uplifting. I spent several hours there.I am going to transpose my notes as I wrote them. Feelings and emotions of the moment. Not all comments apply to the images shown- some are inspired by other exhibits by that artist. I bought the book so it will mean more to me. Sorry.

Floris Neususs ‘Be Right Back’ 1984/87

There she sat, old woman, ankle boots, laces in bows, wool serge frock. a shock of wire wool hair, I know she sat there, I see her shadow. Even though she is long gone and all that remains of her is her presence and the chair, old oak ladder backed chair, school chair, conker brown, charcoal shadow, I feel she was relaxed and animated, in conversation. A moment captured.

Pierre Cordier ‘Chemigram + Photogram 1958’

Dazzled by the white, atomic explosion, elemental, primal, fundamental, light, essence, being, emergence, spacial, depth, achromatic, accutely detailed, absorbing, a journey, glow white.

A quote from Pierre Cordier that I loved:

“like the messages hidden by spies in the dot of an i…”

Garry Fabian Miller ‘The Night Cell’ Winter 2009/10

Glowing luminescent, spiritual hole into the unknown, punched through to another world, an observation of a mind map, peaceful, tuneful, ethereal spheres, diamantines, brilliantines, crystalline, deep ultramarine, a birthing, a breath.

Susan Derges ‘Arch 4 (Summer)’ 2007/8

Water at the core, connecting everything,

I see a sound, I feel a light.

Dappled sunlight in shallow waves captures micro moment, stillness in flowing river.

Adam Fuss ‘My Ghost (Christening Robe) 1997

Absent moments, innocence, loss, spiritual, serpent within, immortal sin, tracery of lace, ladders… the route by which angels ascend and descend to and from heaven as in jacob’s dream… explore. Moving away from earth to the cosmos.

infinitely spectacular dynamically random act produces utterly ordinary ordered perfection. Nature copes.

Butterfly signifies the brevity of life, it’s flight stands for the passage of the soul.

Next on to the Barbican for Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion

For a fashionaholic such as me this was truly fabulous. I have been amazed, awed and inspired by this collective, especially Rei Kawakubo- Comme des Garcons, since they exploded into my world when I was a fashion student. I particularly loved all their early stuff- ‘the bag lady look’- it turned my head and my world upside down at the time and it’s influence is still the strongest and longest lasting since Dior’s New Look in the 50’s- in my opinion… It also led on immediately to the whole deconstructivist movement with the Belgium contingent’s emergence, Martin Margiela and Anne Demeulemeister et al, which I think is the most interesting movement in fashion ever! If you think fashion at all interesting- Go! Go! Go!



Day rounded off perfectly by visit to the Phoenix Square, my favourite Leicester Cinema to see

‘The King’s Speech’ *****

which I really enjoyed. A tale that encompassed love, passion, humour, pride, anger, fear, and the consequent conquering of, failure, and consequent success, all life really. Excellent. Having been the opposite of a royalist all my life, for the first time I feel vaguely predisposed to like and admire them? Shit! I adore Colin Firth so was biased from the outset, but he did not disappoint. I feel that his now slightly sagging cragginess only adds to his appeal. Is anyone with me on this?



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