February 2nd 2011

Just discovered this via Twitter… Love love love them.

Poems by Thomas Lynch- just ordered his latest volume.

Read and weep (and smirk a little too)


Just got home from Trouble Writing, which is the one thing I’m not having any trouble doing at the moment.

This week we read and discussed The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol Very interesting. I enjoyed it and it’s something I’d never have read if it weren’t for this class.

Getting to know everyone on the course now- we go for a drink after. Seeing as our class is held in the upstairs room of a bar it would seem churlish not to… such a cool bunch, such great writing, so varied. I find it fascinating that we are all inputted with the same information and we go off and compute in our own way. We cogitate, interpret and out pops this wealth of wondrous and very individual stuff. Cool, exciting, inspiring. Love it! I find Polly, our teacher, unusual, so unprescriptive, enthusiastic and very inspiring. I really enjoyed my writing this week and it seemed to strike a chord with the group. Very exciting I will finish it this week along with this weeks homework! Phew- if I don’t post much in the way of new stuff, bear with me… please. You’ll get a glutt in a couple of weeks. I want more hours in a day. I’m so looking forward to my week of writing. It’s so long away though… April :+(


Had a great weekend. Took many boys to see Black Swan at the Phoenix Square. It was good. I enjoyed it. Sumptuous, gorgeous aesthetically, sexy, very dark, but the story was light. However, there was enough going on visually and emotionally to engage me. The teenage boys who accompanied me all loved it which interested me… I wondered at certain points whether they would find it all too esoteric and intense, but they didn’t seem to. I give it ***

Sunday afternoon took same bunch of boys on long dog walk through soggy, awakening woods. Wonderful. Walked to the chimney stack wreck which Fergus climbed up, and got stuck on, and we all laughed and left him to find his own way down. Bruce found stiff, old, very dead, headless rabbit, half of which he consumed. Must have been rank for it to have been only half. Otto has had stomach upset by proxy ever since. Wish I’d studied dog psychology. Maybe if the writing fails that should be my next challenge. Good subjects to practice on that’s for sure.

Cooked lovely late Sunday lunch and a good friend popped round. Was in the mood to make an effort so it was only a Turkey short of a Christmas Feast. Sociable, tasty, relaxed, stuffed, just what the best Sundays are all about.

Mmm, sometimes I do so love my life. I suppose it would be silly to wish I always felt that way and maybe, because sometimes I don’t, the times when I do are all the more defined and rare and appreciated.


Tuesday was taken up with an all day course for my management team, the second day of a two day adventure. SDI- we’ve all been profiled and worked on and have been given a set of tools to decipher ourselves, each other and everyone we will ever meet in the future. Flippancy aside, it was really good, very positive and I think it will make a difference, so hopefully a good investment.

We ended the day with a slightly touchy-feely excercise which worked suprisingly well. We had to spend 3 minutes with every team member telling them which three of their strengths we most appreciated, which one of their overdone strengths (that’s weaknesses to you unenlightened folk) we would prefer them to modify and describe succinctly why we valued them as a person.

It was very life affirming. I found it really interesting as, being the boss, I never have an appraisal or get any negative (or positive for that matter) feedback. Mmm- nourishment!

My overdone strengths: I can be- Abrasive, Stubborn, Subservient.  I concur.

My strengths: I can be- Self-confident, Supportive, Fun, Good with people, Knowledgeable, Patient, Tolerant, Decisive, Creative.

Thank you! Lot’s to both build on and work on there.



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