Every morning, freshly burst explosions

litter my once green and pleasant grass.

This warzone, reeling from each fresh incursion

needs help, we summon Moleman to kick arse.

He sets his traps which leave me feeling guilty,

as morning dawns I creep outside to look.

My foolish wish for death doled out humanely

is scuppered as I witness his rebuke.


He should be wearing tiny elf-made jerkin,

horn-rimmed specs and tweedy green plus-fours;

his fingers, better suited playing Chopin

than subterranean muddy midnight chores,

I stroke his nose, discover caviar eyes…

Oh how I wish we’d made some compromise.





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2 thoughts on “Adversary

  1. Mike Brewer 25/01/2011 at 11:35 pm Reply

    I liked this very much, so comments are limited. ‘kick arse’ is so effective, no one should complain. In line 9 you could put ‘a’ before ‘tiny’ and still make it scan if you pause after ‘wearing’. ‘caviar eyes’ were a surprise. Did you intend a apace after line 8? I think you ought to have one.

  2. lindsaywallerwilkinson 26/01/2011 at 6:58 pm Reply

    Hi- thanks- don’t think you need ‘a’ because it goes on to say the other things he should have worn… but I like the idea of a space… In the car today jerjin suddenly popped into my head… I laughed… Perfect! 🙂

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