Travelling Prayer

For all you beautiful people about to embark on an exploration of life, the world, yourself and endless unknown possibilities…

You know who you are


As you leave may I whisper you dreamings

of travel in sunshine and moonlight.

No journeys back-packed full of back-issued

crap- leave it! Free it! Find ways to ignore it,

enjoy it, free spirit. Embrace love,

hear music, fear nothing, meet people with minds

that are open, engage. It’s your chance to evolve

into who have wanted to be…

Return if you wish, much inspired, the desire

to create, in your being, innate

and awoken. Be kind and be friendly, you’ll find

that the world will be handed to you on a plate.

But document everything-  you will forget

if you don’t, and never… ever… regret.

Love x


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